Jim interviews Larry Mathews.. this is Jim’s first interview from the 2016 Show. There’s more to come. Just scroll down to see what’s new...
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Jim introduces Drugans Drums… 
Jim visits the Joe Luoma booth… 
Jim presents Joe Mekler and his massive collection of WWII drums… 
Jim’s visits with Brian Duvall with an early 1920'S Ludwig &Ludwig snare drum and Mike Curotto and Rico about a rare engraved new era sensitive model snare drum.
Chuck Scalia shows Jim his all time favorite sets including a WMP Buddy Rich Rogers Set and two 50’s Radio King Sets.
Mark Cooper of Cooper’s Vintage Drums talks with Jim about a small drum that was actually owned by Gene Krupa.
The 2016 Chicago Drum Show
In this segment, Jim joins Joe Luoma and Bob Campbell as Joe hands over a rare Ludwig Silver Anniversary snare that Bob purchased.
Jim interviews Mike Curotto at the 2016 Chicago Vintage Drums Show.
Mark Cooper of Cooper’s Vintage Drums presents a vivid example of a Ludwig & Ludwig Peacock Pearl 28” Bass Drum.