Welcome to the 2011 Chicago Drum Show!
The 2011 Chicago Drum Show
 We were able to interview many vintage collectors and interesting people at this event.          Please send feedback, comments or questions to savoldi1@aol.com 
Jim Messina’s Vintage Drums Talk.com
Jim Talks to Bill Ludwig III
Jim Catches Up With Rob Cook (Part 1: Part two below)
Jim Catches Up With Rob Cook (Part 2: Part one above)
Bun E. Carlos and Jim recap 2011 (Zebra, LifeSaver, Terracotta...)
Jim talks to Randy Rainwater
Jim talks to Phil Hood of Drum Magazine
Camera: My twin Brother, Dr. John Messina and my nephew Christopher Messina
The best way to communicate with Jim is via E-mail to: savoldi1@aol.com
Jim talks to Mike Curotto, Dave Brown and Bun E. Carlos
Jim talks to Carl Woldman - Excellent Brush Technique
Jim talks to Gary Asher - Beatlemania!
Jim talks to Chuck Scalia - USO Drums And More
Jim talks to Dave Brown - Late 1920’s Ludwig Vaudeville Set with Temple Blocks and Bells
Jim talks to Mark Cooper - Adrian Kirchler Restoration
Jim talks to Johnny Craviotto of The Craviotto Drum Co.
Jim talks to Dave Brown - (Almost Secret Deal)
Jim talks to Tony Lewis
Jim talks to Joe Luoma - Ludwig Super Classics, Mardi Gras and Beautiful Snares (1968 factory air and live performance included)
Jim talks to Joe Luoma and Steve Maxwell about the Slingerland Black Beauty model
Jim talks to Mark Cooper - Vintage Drums and Cool Finds for 2011