The 2015 Chicago Drum Show interviews are here now... Jim’s latest interviews with America’s foremost vintage drums collectors are posted below...with the most recent  added at the bottom of the page.  Just scroll down to see what’s new...
The 2015 Chicago Drum Show
Jim Messina’s Vintage Drums
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All of Jim’s interviews from the 25th Annual Chicago Drum Show have now been posted...scroll down the page to see what’s new.
Jim interviews Chicago Drum Show organizer Rob Cook about this year’s 25th Anniversary show. 
Jim discusses the one-of-a-kind drum Adrian Kirchler handcrafted for the 25th Anniversary show together with Adrian and the drum’s new owner, Bob Campbell 
That’s all folks! Look for Jim to return to the 2016 Chicago Drum Show...
Jim discusses the vintage drum aspect of the CDS with collectors Joe Luoma and Mike Corotto. Featured is a 1936 Ludwig & Ludwig Silver Anniversary Black Beauty and a sneak look at a 1930s Slingerland Duall snare drum.
Jim gets the inside story from Jeff Ryan about the Slingerland Duall snare drum Jeff displayed at the show.
Jim interviws Don Bennet, JD Anzelone, and Randy Rainwater.
Jim takes a look at Tom Piorek’s incredible Buddy Rich snare drum collection display at the 2015 show.
Jim gets a look at Larry Mathews display and conducts a sit down interview featuring his rare 1920’s Slingerland Black Beauty snare drum
Jim takes a look at Mark Cooper’s booth at the 2015 show.
Jim interviews  Jim Catalano of Ludwig, top drum collector Tony Lewis and Mike Downing of Downing Drums.
Jim visits the Joe Luoma booth to see the “Four Seasons” of Camco Drums on display.
Jim presents veteran vintage drum collector Chuck Scalia and the amazing pieces he brought to this 25th Anniversary Show
Jim visits with Tom Osborne creator of “Brushfire” brushes.
Jim catches up with  Bill Ludwig III who was introducing the new wood shelled version snare drum of the WFL III line.
Jim discusses the upcoming relocation of the Chicago Drum Show to the Odeum in Chicago with collector Dave Brown.
Jim talks with collector Mike Curotto about a special drum restoration and other acquisitions he’s recently made.
This is Jim’s final interview from the 2015 Chicago Drum Show. Jim talks with collector “Choppy” about the “Tom Mills Drum”.