It's all about vintage drums and the collectors who save them...
Projects and Restorations
Jim Assembles another  Whacky Set from lots of orphans and pieces
Jim Messina’s Vintage Drums
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Jim Restores A Set of vintage North Drums
Jim Restores a 1940’s Vintage Slingerland Radio King Snare
Jim Restores a Vintage WFL Buddy Rich Classic Snare Drum
"Chick Chase" Supersensitive Restoration  Courtesy:Ted Scott
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1940’s Vintage Slingerland Radio King Snare Update
Jim Restores a 1930’s Ludwig & Ludwig Drum Set
Jim Restores a 1927 Ludwig & Ludwig Trap Stand
Jim Assembles a Whacky Set Gold Sparkle Set of Slingerlands, etc.
Jim Restores a Blue Ludwig Vistalite Set
Jim Restores a Red Sparkle Rogers Set
Jim Restores a 50’s Vintage WFL Set (Buddy Rich Classic Set)
1969 Slingerland Silver Sparkle Kit
Update to 1930’s Restoration of L&L Bass Drum (click here to see original video below)
Update: Red Rogers Set Restoration Complete!
1971 Gretsch Moonglow Project Begins
1971 Gretsch Moonglow Project Update
1968 Ludwig Oyster Blue Project Begins
1967 Ludwig Oyster Blue Project Update
Part I: Update of Jim’s restoration of a vintage set of North Drums
Jim restores 1927 L&L 6-1/2 Professional Model Snare drum
Jim presents the 13th and 14th Slingerland Black Beauties known to exist  - fully restored.
I am fascinated by the craftsmanship and quality of vintage drums. Like many collectors, I have a small shop and work on projects and restorations of these fine instruments. Here are some of my and friends’ work. New videos are always added to the Bottom of this Page-  Scroll Down to See the Latest
Jim Restores a 1926 Slingerland Snare Drum
1926 Slingerland Professional Model Black & Gold Duco Restoration
Jim’s addresses the issue of how to restore “yellowing white marine pearl”.
Jim presents a restored set of early 1970’s North Drums that include a 22” Bass drum that was actually owned by North Drums creator Roger North.
Jim delivers a set of North Drums that he restored. The set includes a bass drum that came directly from Roger North.