The 2013 Chicago Drum Show was upbeat! The Latest Additions to the show’s interviews are always added at the bottom of the page.  Scroll down to see what’s new.
The 2013 Chicago Drum Show
Jim Messina’s Vintage Drums
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See You Next Year!
Jim is getting ready for the 2014 Chicago Drum Show.  The excitement is building. His new interview videos will start appearing shortly after his return from the show so be sure to come back and see those interviews!
Jim catches up with Mark Cooper
Jim’s talk with Brian S Hill covers his rare rope tension drum collection and Civil War drummers.
Jim interviews Matt Alling of CT Pro Percussion.
Jim takes a look at what’s “new” in Dave Brown’s drum collection. 
Bun E Carlos and Mike Curotto show Jim their rare vintage drums- a Ludwig gem and a Leedy with a unique zebra finish.
Jim meets Don Bennett celebrity drum set collector.
Jim presents a montage of prominant figures at the show including Steve Maxwell,  Bob Campbell, Winnie Mensink, George Lawrence and Dave Zima.
Jim gets with the impeccable Joe Luoma to share some of Joe’s astounding collection.
Let’s take a look at Mark Cooper’s rare sea green Slingerland set at his booth at the 2013 Chicago Drums Show.